Bottle design

I have to make an admission. I love building a company, but I always do it in private and then launch something and hope for the best. This time around, it's different. I'm bringing you along with me!

Recently I had a Skype conference call with the manufacturer of the Hustle Energy Gummies and we were going over bottle designs. Normally, I'd fret about 5 or 6 designs, narrow it to 2, then pick one, then show it to you and say, "This is what you get!" Not ideal, right?

Well, I got it narrowed down to 2 designs this time and then decided to post the two designs on Instagram and Facebook for a vote. It was overwhelmingly decided that the red bottle with the white cap(and a white label) was the winner. The black bottle and the red cap wasn't even close. 

I'm thankful that I was able to involve you in the process, and this won't be the last time.