Hustle the Day!

Hustle Handwriting

I'm fired up! And no it's not because I just had one of the energy chews, it is because I have been re-inspired by something I've worked on for some time. This idea started years ago, and I want others to follow what I'm going to talk to you about!

The idea of hustling is easy to follow, hard to execute for many people. They see the big, lofty goal and get overwhelmed thinking about all the steps in-between. It's all about the baby steps! You can't learn to fly an airplane in any weather condition in just a day. You will first have to learn about the different airspace classes. It doesn't even start on how to work the controls!

This is done for good reason, you have to build upon a solid foundation! Without a solid foundation, you will ultimately succumb to some sort of fault. This is the same in your goals. If your goal is to have 6-pack abs, you can't do 100 situps and expect to get results. The first step is planning! This isn't sexy or exciting, so how can you build a foundation and make it exciting?!? 

That's where I came up with the concept of "Hustle the Day!" All you need to do is one thing to hustle, and it means getting out of your comfort zone. Let's say your long term goal is to buy a home and you only have $17 in your account(a position I've been in multiple times before). What can you do today to work towards that goal besides go to work and put in your effort? How about hitting the thrift shop with your smart phone and turning that $17 into $35? It's very possible with some savvy and an eBay or Amazon account. The next day, do the same thing. The more you hustle, it can be like a drug. It will leave less time for those things that take money away as well.

This can relate to all sorts of actions. Don't spend $5 on a latte, put that $5 into a savings account. Better yet, put it into something like ShareBuilder or an investment you already have. It's easy to do if you are motivated enough.

What if your goal isn't monetary, what about becoming an entrepreneur and leaving your job as an accountant? What will you do today to push yourself in that direction? Will you sit on the couch and watch YouTube? Or will you get out there, make connections, find a mastermind group? It's all about TODAY! Because today is the day you make the change, and tomorrow, you build on that change and Hustle the Day again!

Eventually, the hustle will become something larger, and those small changes become big ones. And the goal won't look so far away, your momentum will get you within reach sooner than you might think. Tell yourself before you go to bed, "Tomorrow, I will Hustle the Day!" and write down what you're going to do to make that happen. Wake up early, make your bed, look at your list and get to work! No more excuses, you CAN do this because you're telling yourself you can.

What am I doing today to Hustle the Day? Did you see my last video? I'm sorry you had to see that, but rather than shy away, I went full on into the video mode and recorded one for this blog post. It'll get better, but doing this is WAY out of my comfort zone. As my wife said, "I can hear the anxiety in your voice when you talk about doing it". You can see me be vulnerable, so let's go on this journey together. 

I'd love to hear your experiences after you try this! Make sure to tag or @trentvbray on Instagram and use the hashtag #hustletheday  so I can see the progress. Now go do it!