Ever since starting Hustle Energy, I have used the Hustle the Day hashtag #hustletheday. I used it because I felt it embodied the Hustle lifestyle, you can Hustle each day. Sometimes goals are too far away, you have to think of the things you can do to Hustle the Day. Not the week, not the end goal, just the day. This is a mindset.

Hustle the Day morphed into the Hustle the Day Podcast which I have loved doing. Now there's so much content involving the podcast, I felt like there was a need to separate the product line.

So now I'm introducing #HustleEnergyWorks. This is about doing the work, this is about putting in the effort consistently. Having that Hustle Energy works in smaller doses than the day. This is more focused on the product side of things rather than the mindset aspect. So follow the journey and tag your Focus product pics with #HustleEnergyWorks