My favorite de-stressing solution...not working...

Porsche Cayenne SWe all have those days where nothing is going your way. Where you just want to call it a day by 10am. I had one of those days. But I had a plan to tackle it. I was going to do what I love to do when I need to clear my head, go for a drive.

Now, I do own a couple sports cars, but none of them are in working order because I feel like I can tackle the projects...and I can't. Anyway, I hopped in the next best thing, my 2005 Porsche Cayenne S. Yes, it's an SUV, so it's not exactly thrilling, but it's better than my work truck.

The day I got the news that there was a 10-week delay on the Hustle Energy gummies was a bad day to begin with, but that drove the nail in the coffin. I needed to get out. So I drove up to one of the close-by canyons which were at the tail end of ski season and the beginning of bicycle season. Basically a perfect storm for traffic. So I bagged the drive and told myself I'd get out of town and go to a faraway canyon tomorrow.

That day came, and I headed out. Ready to clear my head and get perspective, because the bad day crept into that following day. I should have taken that as a sign. 

I drove about 45 minutes away to a canyon that starts with a reservoir at the entrance and it was a sunny day, no cars around, it was going great. But as I got to the entrance, I realized that the canyon was still closed and blocked off for the winter. 

I had actually knew this could happen, so I had a backup plan. I went to another nearby canyon. Again, started well enough, but I soon realized other people had the same idea. The police force was out. Now being in an SUV, there was nothing illegal I could have done and kept the vehicle in control, but pushing it to it's limits still looks bad even if I never exceed the speed limit. So I settle in to the drive and find a few corners I can swiftly maneuver through and that's when the bicyclists showed up in numbers I hadn't seen before. I was dodging bikes being more brazen than they had any right to be. 

*sigh* This was the 3rd canyon in 2 days I had tried to have a little fun driving through and enjoying the scenery that had not gone to plan. I packed it in.

Fortunately I got a call from my friend Thomas McMinn and we agreed to lunch that day, and I also got news of a confirmed appointment to train with a somewhat local MMA fighter, which I ended up loving! On my way to lunch with Thomas, I was reminded of the beautiful state I live in, and had a view of snow-capped mountains. 

Even though we all have those tough days, a little perspective will help you realize, it's really not so bad. And in the grand scheme of things, a 10 week delay does suck, but there are worse things. Guess you'll just have to wait a little while longer.