Product Samples!

Hustle product samples
     This has been a LONG time in the making! I've received some generic samples before when I was trying to get gummies manufactured, but they never delivered my samples, with the blend I created.
     Well after more than a year since I received those generic gummy samples, I have actual samples of my product. They need to be tweaked slightly, but I'm on the right path finally, hopefully. 
     I only received a handful of these samples, so I've had to be strategic in who I've given them to try, but I'm getting more samples made up with some tweaks so I can get a production run started.
     On the left you have a citrus/lime flavor, but it's rather smooth, not much bite, which some people will like, some people won't. The one on the right is a tropical punch flavor which I love! I'm excited to share this with people when it is ready.
     The vision of Hustle Energy may have changed slightly over the course of the last year, but my dream has always been to create an entrepreneur-geared energy/focus product. Something to give you sustained energy and focus, not a quick rush and then crash. Today I get one step closer!