Scratch that

scratch that
     We all are capable of making mistakes, I have more than my fair share attributed to my name. Or rather, learning experiences, instead of mistakes. However, intentions are always good. This time it was a disservice to others, rather than myself.
    At first I was overwhelmed with the response of people wanting to be on the Hustle the Day Podcast, but I dug into it, qualified the guests, and scheduled it all. This was a way to learn podcasting really quickly, and turns out, I loved it. I loved connecting with people. But with so many people, I started pushing more episodes out and spending a lot more time on the podcast.
    Inherently this isn't a bad thing, but to keep up with interviewing and scheduling and editing, something has to give right? And surprisingly it was the guests giving up their listens. I learned quickly that as soon as I went to 2 episodes a week, listeners per episode, went down. There are a number of reasons I can speculate on why this happened, but I believe I don't have enough brand equity to be your number 1 business podcast...yet. And so people would listen to their favorite and catch mine if they could.
     When I release an onslaught of good content, it takes some time to digest. By the time you digest, you are 2 episodes behind. Needless to say, I'm going back to one episode a week. This is of course also after soliciting your feedback on Instagram, and turns out, you agree. So a few people will have their episodes air in March now instead of February, and some from March into April, but ultimately it benefits them because it gives them the attention and spotlight they deserve. 
     As always, if you ever want to provide constructive feedback, I will gladly take it. Until next time...