The Hustle Energy dead.

    crossed out

     Today I posted an IGTV on my Instagram that detailed the latest on what I started Hustle Energy with, the energy gummy.

     Several years ago, I wanted to create a product that helped entrepreneurs with their energy level. It sat on the shelf of my mind until last year. I started to decide this was something I really needed to do. I needed it for myself! So I set out creating a product to help people Hustle. That eventually became a gelatin, something the consistency of a gummy bear. I loved the product, the few samples I received of the stock formula product were great, but could use some work. So I set to work changing their stock formula, within their limitations, to something I was proud of. And I was there! The shape, formula, color, taste were all laid out and I was given a price and an expectation. After a 50% deposit, I expected the ball to get rolling. It never happened. After much frustration, last week, I pulled the plug.

     Many people would say, "Take that formula to another manufacturer!" and I would, but this was the only one who would take my "small order". I'm not at the scale of ordering 1,000,000+ gummies to start with. I could stomach 100,000, but not tacking on another zero. However, there is a silver lining.

     Over this process, I've been speaking with a product formulator in the capsule industry. I've been told numerous times, I could get a better product out of a capsule, for cheaper. But that wasn't the dream, I envisioned. A capsule is white noise. However, this new product came out to the market that is clinically shown to increase energy and focus without caffeine, and is available in a ready-to-drink mix. I have been sampling it for the last couple of weeks, and honestly, I love it! It's everything I hoped for in a product.

    See, silver lining. I'm getting a better product, still in a unique delivery form, and I know the manufacturer personally. It can be done locally, rather than a state away. I can have the product relatively quickly, hopefully before years end, and oversee the process.

    The learning process has been steep, but I also learned I shouldn't be so focused on the product. I should be helping people first, then worry about the product that could potentially help them AFTER I have exhausted my other options. I'm thankful for the roller coaster as it has taught me a lot. But I'm also excited for the future of Hustle Energy!