The Hustle Triangle

One thing you should have noticed in the logo of Hustle Energy is the triangle. Why is that so prevalent? It's by design because the triangle is the strongest shape in nature. The force placed on the triangle is shared equally on all sides. What are my three sides of the Hustle triangle?

Hustle Triangle

1. Business

Business is deep within my soul, I love business. It creates opportunities, it creates jobs, it creates action! The goal is to have the business support the other two sides and the other two sides support the business. All sides need to be in harmony with one another and sharing the brunt of the Hustle.

2. Community

This can include your family, your inner circle, your town, whoever you're trying to impact. No matter how you Hustle, you need to leave your community a better place than it was before you started. That can be done through a myriad of ways depending on how you define community. 

3. Yourself

It's like the famous adage from an airline safety video. You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others, because if you don't, you could help one person maybe before you're deprived of oxygen. Whereas if you have the oxygen mask on, you can help many more people. You need to be able to take care of yourself and have your body in harmony with your goal. Oftentimes this is physical because better physical health leads to better mental health most often. However, it can again be interpreted in other ways.

So the 3 sides help support your Hustle and your overall goal. We were very methodical in deciding on the triangle shape and the 3 sides to it because of what it represents. Strength in Business, Strength in the Community, and Strength in Yourself.


Trent V. Bray