Top 3 Lies about Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur lies

This is an extension of an article I wrote on my LinkedIn page. I've been around entrepreneurs my whole life. My parents were entrepreneurs. Over time I've learned the 3 biggest lies about being an entrepreneur.

1. Freetime

While it is technically true that you have more freedom of time, being an entrepreneur means you are always "on the clock". So I can make it to my daughter's school activity, but I may not make it home for dinner. Going on vacation is flexible, but I may be working during that time. If something happens, you have to react quickly!

2. It's gonna be fun!

Yes, it can be fun. Especially if you crave this type of lifestyle, but think about all the times you haven't wanted to deal with a problem. When you're an entrepreneur, the buck stops and starts with you. You get ALL the problems. If that doesn't sound like fun, well, it'll be a tough road for you.

3. You'll be RICH!

Lots of people I know start a business to become rich. Whether that's with time(see above) or cash, that's usually the goal. The problem is, most likely, you'll be broke for A LONG TIME before you can become rich. Your attitude and perseverance will make the difference in this regard. Keep at it and don't give up!

It's easy to start something, but it's often difficult to keep something going, so in spite of these lies about entrepreneurship, it's worth it when you start knocking off those goals!

Trent V. Bray