Why Hustle Energy?

Why Hustle Energy gummies?

We are only weeks months away from Hustle Energy hitting the online shelves. It's hard to believe that years of pondering the idea, planning, and now executing are finally coming to fruition. 

Several years ago I was working with a startup that never got off the ground. I was working with some partners who wanted a specific product in a specific niche. I kept thinking they were going about it the wrong way. I'd voice my opinion to get shut down. I let it simmer and as I moved on to something else, the thought was always there. 

I am a dad of two beautiful girls and son due to be born in just 3 weeks! I have a full-time job working on houses with two business partners. I have other time commitments and side hustles. This is where I need the energy, there is only so much of me to give, but I know I am capable of more. When the kids go to bed, the hustle really begins and I've been loving the results of the sample batches of Hustle Energy. We all say we are tired or too busy to do more good, but I'm here to help that, I'm here to hustle!

I've dreamed of the day when I can launch an energy chew not geared towards those who work out, but those who are hustling, improving their lives, and trying to make a difference. Hats off to the hustlers, your day is coming soon!