Why I should have put my logo on my truck long ago!

Hustle TruckThis is an extension of an article that I wrote on the Hustle Energy LinkedIn page. Hustle Energy graduated from an "idea" to "pen to paper" over a year ago.

At the time I was working on my initial product, the energy gummy, that never came to fruition. That was a learning experience I discussed here. I had been experimenting with logo designs, reaching out to designer friends about it, when I finally decided, this is the one!

Now I'm very introverted, I don't like telling people about what I'm doing for a number of reasons. Great way to build a business, right? ;) Well, I decided, I need to change that behavior and putting a giant logo on the side of my big pick-up truck to advertise this company is one way to break out of your shell. I wanted different results from the past, so I was willing to do things differently.

Some may say I was premature in putting this logo on, because the product was still 6-8 weeks away, or so I thought, at the time. I nervously thought how people would judge me for having this logo with no real product in hand, but the opposite happened.

Numerous times I'm asked about it, people are curious by nature. Sometimes they brush it off with an "Oh, cool", but I've met several people who are actually interested in what I'm bringing to market and the movement of entrepreneurship. It's been great for awareness even with a product STILL months away.

Trent V. Bray