What's Next

I started Hustle Energy years ago with a thought, how to help entrepreneurs get to the next level. How can I help those who hustle? I soon started researching products, and over a matter of years, I worked on and off on a product, the Hustle Energy gummy.

But Hustle Energy is so much more than a product, it's a movement. There's energy to get through your day, but then, there's HUSTLE ENERGY! Those who show up when everyone else is done. Those who get stuff done even when they are tired and want to quit. It's a phrase to describe those who go beyond what's expected.

Here's what I am working on next to help advance entrepreneurs, those who are in it, and still grinding and hustling.

Social What's Next

Starting off the new changes, we will be doing a weekly tips and tricks on an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing. Short and to the point, something to help you grind and stay motivated.

Next up, we will be launching the Hustle the Day Podcast in September 2019. It will feature real-life entrepreneurs and people who hustle, even in their day job. No matter your stage in life, if you have the desire to hustle, this is for you. Expect new episodes weekly.

Also weekly, we will be posting new videos to YouTube that will be long form and occasionally a vlog will pop in of a day that week. This will also feature behind-the-scenes content and stories of entrepreneurship and motivation. 

On IGTV, we will post something more on-the-fly, not edited like the YouTube videos. See what's on our minds on our Instagram without the filter.

Twitter is something that still intrigues us, where we can have conversations with people who are out there hustling. If that's you and you want to chat, we'll be spending more time on our Twitter. 

Finally, something we've never really done before, at some point in the future, we want to go live with you. We want to do a Q&A, or see me waiting in line at a conference. Whatever it is you would be interested in, hit us up, we'd like to do something this year with it though.  

We're excited to push ourselves to get Hustle Energy to the next level and help whoever we can. Let's succeed together!